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CDC Heads Up for Coaches

CDC page that includes Heads Up concussion training for coaches, fact sheet, action plan, clipboard sheet, etc.

Coaching Certification Requirements

  1. USA Hockey Registration (required before going on the ice with players)
  2. Background screening  (required before going on the ice with players)
  3. Concussion Training (Needs to be completed annually per Minnesota Hockey as of June 2017- certificate and form must be submitted to registrar upon completion)
  4. Level 1-4 clinic
  5. Age specific modules  (required before going on the ice with players)
  6. Safesport  (required before going on the ice with players)

Minnesota Hockey Background Screening

Coaches, after completing the background screening online, please forward the confirmation email you receive to so OYHA knows you've completed the screening. OYHA does not receive a copy of the confirmation otherwise. Please note, you only need to complete the background screening every other year. If you coached and completed the screening in 2016-17, you should not need to complete the screening in 2017-2018. Check the "Cleared Coaches List" if you're unsure.

Game Changes

Reminder, make sure you send an email to for any home game changes.  This will ensure that everybody that needs to know about it gets the information.

Goalie Skills and Drills and Park and Rec Testing on YouTube

Link to a number of goalie drills and park and rec testing.

Sport NGIN Knowledgebase

This is a link to the Sport NGIN Knowledgebase. The knowledge base contains articles and videos on how to create events, add news articles, send messages to groups, add players to a roster, enter game scores and stats, and many other topics.

Sport NGIN Team Manager's Manual

This manual provide information for team managers and coaches on how do the following with their team page: •Add Page Content •Add Articles and Events •Create and Manage your Roster •Manage Team Statistics •Grant Permissions to others •Send Messages to your team