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Stories Policy

We try to publish all stories that are submitted provided they follow this criteria:

  1. All stories must have an email address and a submitters name. We must be able to verify who sent in the story for accuracy and return address if any questions or corrections arise. No email, no name, then no story. Sorry.
  2. Editorial type comments are welcome, however they are usually reviewed by a couple of board members to make sure the comments are appropriate and not based on negative criticism or personal attack.
  3. Kids are more than welcome to submit, however stories must be complete, comprehensive and team oriented. We do not have time to extensively rework a poorly written incomplete story. I do want to emphasize there has been many great stories from kids and we publish most. Those that do not get published are simply very incomplete or emphasize the exploits of one player only and tend to be submitted anonymously.
  4. Sometimes we receive duplicates on the same story such as a tournament win. Typically we choose the one with the best content and well written. Occasionally we will combine them if appropriate.
  5. If any story is submitted and not published please feel free to appeal to an OYHA board member for an explanation.

OYHA does not ensure the accuracy of the content of the story, we rely on the person submitting to do so. We take no responsibility for their work, some of the comments reflect personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the OYHA board. We reserve the final right as to what is published on OYHA's web site.