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Parent Rep Info

District 9 Scoring and Reporting

Home teams are required to report league game information to District 9 in a timely manner.  This includes teams that are not playing in league but are playing games against District 9 teams (typically younger teams).  Use the information on this page to assist with figuring out fair play points, getting the email template for reporting scores, etc. Please use the District 9 e-mail template to report these stats.

E-mail to: jasonjo@charter.net


D9 League Game Info

District 9 page with information on game rescheduling, fair play points, league score reporting, and playoff and play-in games.

Score Book Instruction

This document contains information on keeping book for games.

Fair Play Points (Peewee/12U and Bantam/14U)

Fair Play Point

For Fair Play Points (FPP)'s to be awarded, teams cannot EXCEED the following: 
  • PeeWee - 12 minutes
  • Bantam - 14 minutes
  • Girl's 12U - 10 minutes
  • Girl's 14U - 12 minutes
Teams also lose their FPP if:
  1. Spectator conduct results in referee stopping play and requesting a spectator to leave.
  2. Coach is assessed a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty
  3. Off-ice official is removed by the referee

Template for Score Book Stickers

This template can be used for printing stickers to be used in the score books.  It works with the large Avery mailing labels (such as 8163).

Player Awards from Minnesota Hockey

During the season, the statistician should keep track of the stats for each game.  At the end of the season, we will order the following player patches for anyone who met the requirements during the season.

  • Hat Tricks (3 goals in one game)
  • Play Maker (3 assists in one game)
  • Shut Out (No goals scored by opposing team on goalie)

Clock Instructions

This document contains information on how to run the clocks in both the east and west rinks.

Team Managers