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Park & Rec


On March 1st Level 1-Advanced will have their jamboree.  On March 2nd Levels 2 and 3/4 will have their jamborees.  On March 8th at 10:30, Level 1 will have their jamboree.  (This means that Level 1-Advanced will be skating earlier that Saturday - - - at 9:45 instead of 10:30 to allow the level 1 group the last ice time of the day.)

"Jamboree" day is the day that we have friends and family come to watch, take lots of pictures and videos, cheer for all of our accomplishments and wrap up our ice time with a party upstairs.  Families whose last names begin with A-M bring a package of juice boxes to share.  Families whose last names begin with N-Z bring snacks to share.  We will spend our ice time doing fun games, introduce all skaters and conclude the day with the party upstairs.  Don't forget your camera!!!


Upcoming Park & Rec Events

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